Web designer needed


Web designer needed

Hello dear friends and visitors,

Maybe some ppl know what it´s about, some don´t, but at this point the one who don´t know what´s happening in the background will be the one who will surely feel the greater joy when this is completed. We are temporary working on a project and it has entered almost the last stage of development. At this point, we need a pair of helping hands who will bring their part for the greater good of the whole Teeworlds community. Those helping hands will have to be skilled in designing a web user interface (web UI) for our project, where the users will see nicely done graphics, statistics etc.

What we are looking for is a person who has the following abilities:

  • Designing skills
  • Teamwork
  • Willingness to finish the job

Since we can´t offer much in return, because we are doing this also without any profit or similar, we can only add the name of the designer(s) into the credits as a sign of appreciation.

If you are interested, please use our contact sheet (top menu) and send us some short info about you, your contact data and if there are any, some of your artworks (linked to it) so that we can evaluate your skill. We will announce the new team member over the clanzone news.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see some applications soon.





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