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Here you will find everything you need to know about clans in general, gameplay strategies for Teeworlds, useful links, how-to´s and much more. Feel free to contribute to our small but useful wiki 😉

Do you want to create a clan, but you don´t know how to make it possible?  You need some strategies for different maps to enhance your teamplay? You want to help other players with tips, tricks and advice? Then you are on the right spot. 

Here you will find texts, screenshots, videos and more which will help you on your journey to become a good player and a better clan leader.

If you have anything (link, texts, posts etc) which would contribute to our little wiki, please share it with us. Also, we are willing to post here your experiences as a clan leader. Write an interesting text, an we will publish it here.

Thanks for reading and enjoy browsing

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