Touhou becomes Pantheon


Touhou becomes Pantheon


Few months back, we have introduced the clan Touhou, sadly as it is, the clan was forced to be shut down due to some bad reputation of some members.

Yoshiro, the former clan leader of Touhou has reorganized the remaining members to form a new clan under a new name and policy. The clan is now called Pantheon. The portfolio can be viewed already and their forum visited, thanks to Yoshiro who took the time to organize the portfolio of Pantheon.

We had a short interview with Yoshiro regarding the current situation of Pantheon and Teeworlds

1) What made ​​You change from Touhou to Pantheon?
– Touhou has worst history, many “bad” players everytime writes “worms, fake and etc.” It’s not “from” touhou. Touhou dead – 23.08.2015, It’s new clan with clear history and new politic, members.

2) How many of Touhou members are here with You?
– Now, members – 7, in applicants 2. I want “accepted or invite” many talanted players in Pantheon, make clan very big (mean many players).

3)What will be different now in Pantheon?
– New name, new history, new website for a long-long time New politic. You do not have to compare Touhou and Pantheon. Panteon have no ties with Touhou, absolutely.

4) I have seen that Pantheon is a multi mod clan, don’t You think that it will be a bit too much for a small amount of members ?
– It’s for the first time there small amount of members. Main mods for now is DDRace, Openfng, Vanilla.

5) What is your point of view regarding Teeworlds on Steam? Will it be good or bad for Teeworlds and why do You think that?
– In my opinion, adding Teeworlds on Steam will increase audience of the game. I think it’s good steps to make Teeworlds more popular.

Thanks Yoshiro for having the interview with us.

This interview is the first of many to come. The idea has been given to us by Guinness which we will implement in the near future.

Thanks for reading

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