The team


The team

It´s about time that we introduce to You the team which stands behind the curtains

The make-up is finished, the costumes are ready and the stage is set. The final touch has been edited and we are produly presenting You the team which is responsible for the mess you are viewing right now. You can now find the “Team” section under “About us”, presenting the people who are working on this project. A short description/biography about every team member is also available to review.

That section also contains the available joblist. The joblist itself got a retouch and is more simple to the previous one. Trust us, You don´t want to see the previous one ^^ Each position has a small description which explains what the person has to do. But if You want to know more about a position, just ask us. You can also use the comment section below or the contact form. is a bigger project than it may seem and there is a lot of work in the background. Working every day a bit to make it better than yesterday, step by step it is a growing community and only with one goal – to help the vanilla clans in every possible way. If You like our work and if You want to contribute too, review the joblist, find something fitting for You and feel free to apply anytime. We will review your application and answer ASAP. Temporary, every job is open and available for You to apply for. Just use the contact form and name the subject Job – “name of job”.

Thanks for the support and feedback. We will try not to disappoint You people 🙂

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