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Hosting and domain

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Every clan needs a page or forum and there are plenty of those free hosting sites which are offering "the best" for no cash. If ou want to know more about what to look after and, please refer to our useful section, where you will find a good tutorial how to choose a good hosting operator.

If you don´t want to spend money on a monthly basis for webspace offered by the prime hosting companies, you came to the right spot. Here you will find a bunch of free site/webspace/forum hosting sites which offer almost the same but in different quality and options.

Forum hosting

Forumer is a free phpBB/IPB forum hosting service. is the leading provider of free forums. We serve millions of users each month on our free forum hosting network and are #1 in both service and support.

Create a free forum, get free phpbb forums with lots of extra features: phpbb3 skins, friendly & competent support for your discussion forum on Forumotion : Forum Creator

Invision Plus provides full-featured forum hosting with excellent support and a vibrant community.

Create a free forum with No limit on posts or members. Fully featured, customizable free forum hosting.

ZetaBoards offers free forum hosting that serves as the perfect site for growing an online community.


Free website builder

No need for a designer or programmer, nothing to upload - everything is already there!

Make your own website with free templates at

Named one of time's 50 best websites, weebly gives everyone a surprisingly easy way to create a unique site. make a free website, blog or online store with our powerful website builder.

Create a free website with Customize with Wix' website builder, no coding skills needed. Choose a design, begin customizing and be online today.

Create a free website easily and quickly. Customizable templates and graphics, photo editor, photo galleries with slideshows, drag and drop objects anywhere on the page.



A top-level domain (TLD) is one of the domains at the highest level in the hierarchical Domain Name System of the Internet. Every clan should have one because it is somewhat iportand if looking for a sponsor, which is, in most cases, also requested by sponsors. 

When You are using a free host, doesn´t matter if forum or page, they will offer you a "free" domain. Those domains mostly contain the name of the host in it (ex., and similar). Those domains are actually sub domains because it contains your page name (which is the name of the folder where your page is stored on the root) and the second part which is the name of the host.

Now, if You don´t want to spend money on a TLD, there are luckily some sites which are offering free TLD´s. Those have to be renewed each year, but that is not a big problem, because You only have to reactivate it by clicking the link they provide You, and besides, they are Free, so what the heck.

On the following site, you can register any domain name you like for free, but with maybe different endings than You are used to.

Enjoy your free TLD sponsoring

If You can´t find what You are looking for, then we´ve got a solution for You that may be acceptable for You. is offering free webspace for your clan/project, including a subdomain ( Feel free to use it for any CMS You want to install on the free space, doesn´t matter if WebSpell, vBulletin, phpbb, WP, Joomla or other of your choosing. You can isntall the CMS yourself, we will provide the DB for it.

What we can offer:

  • 1 GB space and 1 GB Bandwidth (enugh for more than 250 pages per web site)
  • 2 MySql Databases (one for page and one for a separate forum, if You don´t want to use the forum that the CMS is offering)
  • FTP access to the root of your subfolder
  • Custom mail address with 500 MB space - (Note: you wil have to use Outlook, Thunderbird or similar to access. Full data will be provided)

What we want in return:

  • One of our "link us" banner on your front page (hopefully a good visible place) and on each place where sponsor/partner is mentioned. That banner has to be linked to!
  • One separate board/category (not topic) in your forum named, where we will post our news and where our sponsoring is mentioned. Our news posting willb ring additional post counts to your forum 😉

Note: You are free to use any domain You want to, if you feel the need for it. If You have already a domain which You´ve paid for, we can park it on our server and create a pointer for your subfolder on the server, which will act as your private webspace and the subdomain won´t be shown at all.

If you want to aquire our service, please contact us using the contact form available in the main menu and we will contact You to discuss the details

Terms and Conditions:

  • If the requirements are not respected, we will give You a warning. If there are no changes after the warning, we have the right to shut your page down at once.
  • We are not responsible for the content of your page in any way. If we notice that your page contains unapropriate content (porn, violence advertising, racism, illegal file sharing or anything similar which interferes with the law), we will shut it down without a warning.
  • We are not charging our service in any way.
  • Your page and content are not allowed to exceed the space and bandwidth we are offering
  • Keep track of your mail inbox if a custom mail is requested
  • You are not allowed to make any money with your project since our service is offered for free too
  • We will not collect or share any private information, only those which are visible on inthe content of your site
  • You are free to quit our service any time, without any charges