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If you are looking for a sponsorship, you are on the right spot. You will find here all of our sponsors listed, waiting for you.

For Clans
Remember that every sponsor has it´s requirements which needs to be fulfilled from your side. Since you are getting the required service for free, it´s better that You keep up with the requirements. The requirements will be listed within the portfolio of each sponsor. If you think that your clan fulfills all requirements of a sponsor, feel free to contact us, we will check it again and contact your desired sponsor to make the deal complete. Or contact them yourself, how ever you like it.

For Sponsors
If you are a community or a person, willing to support the project, contact us and tell us how you want to support us, what are your conditions and so on. As soon as we get the info we need, we will make a portfolio about you and publish it here, so that the clans and players can review it here. Please note that you can NOT earn any money herefor your services, since this is a pure voluntary project! We are doing this also for free 😉

Below you will find a list with all our sponsors provided for you: