Roster Changes


Roster Changes

Hello vanilla players and welcome back from holidays!
New season is coming and it’s time to restart giving you fresh news.
As you know, many things appened during this summer, including Teeworlds’ landing on Steam platform!

New members: Xopo, Beijosch, Larry
New applicants: Nekero10, SwisS
Rejected applicants: KingKiller, wHat/peC/mouse_sen
Withdrawn application: meff
Member left: danilab

New members: cris, BIO, Gambit/PussyDestroyer
Withdrawn application: Ofsep
New applicants: Water
Rejected applicants: Nekero10, rock1202

Rejected applicant: CallMeGodx)

Touhou became Pantheon

GoPro is a now a new clan

That’s all for now, stay tuned!

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