Roster changes


Roster changes

Hello everyone.

It has been a long time since the last post here on the Clanzone. I´ve been very very busy lately and i was not able to write a single thing regarding the news, so i presume that there is a lot to catch up here. Please don´t mind if some of the info following now is a bit older ^^


AEON & Xron

Member kicked – Audiopush
Rejected applicant – Detox

Ares & Mars

New member – Pathos, binx,  Hum, Gen/Satelite
Member left – Destin, Ten, mini, Zohan, Cans, Murphy(the last 4 stopped playing tw…)
New applicant – Scar
Rejected applicant – Vega


New member – Tan, Jake, Sage, Jarjar, Danilab
Member left – TPhoenix
Member kicked – Willie The Poo (inactivity)
New applicants – Jeykey, Jitters, Rand()
Rejected applicant – Yato


not enough data atm. 


New member – Che Guevara, FaFa, LeRa
Rejected applicants – Kaneki, Xen, Gekkon, Zino, Shke


New member – Stippler, Aylin, X-Outing
New applicants – someone, Genetics
Rejected applicant – egon


New member – OperatorNocnika, egon


That´s it for now what i could catch so far. I would like to thank Oscy at this point for preparing me everything regarding ChickenMilk, because i believe that it would have been a pain in the arse to browse all the happenings in such a big clan 😀

If you have any news regarding Cutthroat, if i have missed something or if you have some time to waste, please comment below 🙂

Kind regards

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  • fatal
    Apr 27, 2015 @ 2:51 am

    Cutthroat has been disbanded, due to several internal clan conflicts. However, some members still remained together under a new name. nrG.* (Energy) and vtG.* (Voltage). nrG.* – Arbok, Gl0be, Gekkon, Rigo. vtG.* – fatal, cracknotgood. Hope this clears some things up a bit.

    • Alucard
      May 4, 2015 @ 23:50 pm

      Thanks for the intel. is there a page/forum of the new clan/s? I´d like to start working on the portfolios for them 🙂


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