Roster Changes


Roster Changes

Here are the latest happenings within the clans

Aeon & Xron

Applicant rejected – Snu
Member left – Puch
Portfolio updated


Member kicked – Toast
Member left – Beatz, Pein
Portfolio updated


New member – Zgokee
New applicant – Toast, Snu
Member left – Binx
Member kicked – Cammo, Hairy
Portfolio updated


New member – ShootXen
Portfolio updated


New applicant – Ghost_ua
Rejected applicant – egon
Portfolio updated


New member – Adasko, Fabek358, kuba2004
Portfolio updated

That´s it for now. Also, we´d like to ask you kindly to review the portfolios of our freshest clans: ChickenMilk & Digital.
We´ve removed temporarily Voodoo from the clans list due to inactivity. If the activity raises again, we shall return it to were it belongs.

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