Rinju revived


Rinju revived

Good news appeared before our eyes. A clan which was destined to be join of the history of dead clans came back, cheating death and rewriting their history .

The clan was forced to close due to the inactivity of the members. The last bit of active members left the clan to seek for glory in other clans, yet others got lost in the wast space after disaster struck. Let´s hope that those who haven´t found a home yet, will return to Rinju.

Since Zgokee was the only one left in the council, he decided to restart Rinju. He is intending to rebuild the council and to give the clan more stability. Temporary, there are about 6 members left in the clan, plus one new applicant. For those clanless out there, this clan has 2 sections as you may or may not know. An experienced team, for ore pro gaming and a beginner team, for those who want to learn and become the next generation of pro gamers.

One thing we might add here: the beginner team is allowed to do multiclaning, IF that clan is not involved into vanilla. Actually a pretty good idea, because that way the players can be brought back to the roots.

The recruitment of new members is at “go”, so grab your gun and join the fun, the Rinju forum is waiting for your application.

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