Rinju down


Rinju down

Another one bites the dust…

This morning a sad message had hit us. We are sorry to spread the word and announce that another clan is down – Rinju has faced it´s hour of death…

The Rinju council has posted their announcement of closing the clan this morning on their forum. We are so free to copy the content:

Hello fellow tees!

After a few weeks of discussion, the Rinju council has decided to close the clan.  Over the past month, we have been fairly inactive overall except for a select few. I myself haven’t been interested in playing teeworlds for a few months.

We came out with a strong push, (after wasting a month going through shitty and shittier names for the clan), and showed the scene we were valiant. We, the council, have enjoyed everyone in the clan. Every game was a great one and hopefully in this short amount of time, you all have improved. We are also looking forward to what everyone does in their future and wish them the best.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may bring to any of you but hope you can understand.

Rinju Council

We will try to keep track of the remaining active members, just to see how their TW career will evolve.  What we know atm is that Jambi (Rinju founder) applied already for AEON. Maybe some may follow him there, we shall see. All applications that may come will be posted in the clans section and in the weekly roster changes.

We don´t have to mention the fact that the scene is lacking clans and that the loss of even one clan is bad, which leads to a deserted landscape. We do hope that we will be honored to write some news about new clans who will freshen up the scene.

Thanks for reading.

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