Dec 07, 2015 - Clan portoflios



Ad Aphlax
astro boy aumgn
Beijosch Catchme
El Magnifico guenstig werben
Hageshiku icy
jake jarjar
JeyKey Jitters
Kakuzu KIRA
Krapau Lag
Level 6 Lucky
m80116 Mighty Ricko
mys Napf
Puch rand()
Rick [PT] Stereo
tan TeaTowel
tetzuo TigerX
Tylork .’v!per :]
Zergling ZONE

ChickenMilk was founded by Shit and TwoHit in summer 2014, since then the clan got more and more members
from all over the world.
They are more concerned about personality than skill and see their clan more as a family/community than anything
else. Though they began as a funclan, they turned out more serious in time and are also doing competitive gameplay.
Still the Chickens mostly play on ctf5 but also on other maps during trainings and clanwars/matches.


For more information check out their forum here.