Mana depleted


Mana depleted

Unfotunately, another clan has departed and is now lost in the history books that we are eager to keep as good as possible.

mag!c is no more (you get the post title now? sorry for dark humor ^^ ). The clan has been established in April 2014 and has found it´s end not even 2 months later. What was the cause? Was it the lack of activity or interest? Maybe they tried dark magic and it failed so hard that it brought em to fall? We have asked an expert for advice, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. He responded with one simple word and everything made such sense…

We are always sorry to write about a clan who did not try hard enough, even the times for a Teeworlds clan are harder than morning wood. We want to remind all future clan leaders and clans that we have a nice little wiki, just for clans, so please read that through and you might avoid a short clan history and we won´t have to ask that expert who´s hair got engineered by the smurfs… We can not yet confirm a rumor that is echoing through our database, but there might be a new clan on the rising. Mr. Tsoukalos, what was your opinion about such a supernatural force?

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