Let’s talk about Rick


Let’s talk about Rick

We’ve had an interview with rick, a member of the EVIL clan and our long forgotten news writer. Anyway, we wanted to know more about the OtH project that he takes care of now. Here is our little chit-chat

Hello rick. It’s nice of you to take some of your time for us. Let us talk a bit about the OtH project. As far as we know, it is your goal to get new players into the CTF scene. How do you plan to achieve that?

With my magic powers, and some good pizza. It’s gonna be attractive enough, don’t you think? 😀 Jokes aside, I truly bevieve that ctf scene is already plenty of promising players, most of them actually play some random games on ctf5 servers. My (our) goal is to give them the chance to discover their potential, thanks to a well structured and organized clan. We’re just offering what’s vanilla is lacking of: a good platform to play serious game for beginners who want to improve.

Are there any requirements for joining you?

Yes, there are some, but very few, requirement. I’ve written the clan rules with one main big goal: to build a nice community. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are or how much you have been playing this game, be-cause the real thing we care of is your attitude to behave nice and kind with the other players and your availability to share what you learn. We’re not only trying to expand vanilla scene, we want to make it bet-ter and more attractive!

What was your motivation for starting the project? Or let me rephrase, what do You gain from it?

New people to play with who will help to keep this game alive and its community healthy.

It would have been also a possibility to integrate the new players into your clan, in some sort of wing. Why did You choose to create a completely new clan for it?

You got a point. But integrating a new wing into an existing clan (like EVIL) would have been paradoxically more complicated than creating a new clan. Think about it: the actual clans in clanzone all have specific li-mitations and requirements to join and often pretend to have already skilled players for clan wars. That’s why something different was needed and I thought it was a good idea picking up the old OtH idea, renew it and use it for this ambitious project.

Maybe ChickenMilk is already doing our job and it’s partially true, but note that we’re more focused on the competitive side of the game than them. However we are actually having a close and fruitful collaboration with chickens for OtH.

Did your gaming history had to do anything with the participation on this project? How was your expe-rience when you started?

Definetely, it influenced a lot my decision to dive into this adventure. The first impact on vanilla can be very abrupt and demotivating. You don’t even know how to move, what to do and the community doesn’t help you a lot besides calling you noob and trying to kick you out. That’s probably why many players leave or stop playing, or why they think using a bot can be a solution or they eventually become rude by quarelling each other. With OtH project we’re offering a secure dock where they can learn this game’s secrets and find a collabo-rative community.

The past has shown us that the most newcomer projects have failed. What gives you the hope that it will be better this time?

I can’t know what will happen, but all I can say is that we will try our best to keep this project alive. We al-ready have 6 members and they’re getting better step by step with the time, this is already a win-win.

The clan is now consisting of supporters and members. Is there giong to be a change withing the clan structure or is the clan going to stay as it is now?

The real core of this clan consists of it members. The ultimate goal of this project is to train them and make them mature. Time will show when they will be ready to be totally indipendent and stand their own feet.

Aaaaaand that’s it. Short and sweet. Thank You for taking your time and I wish You success with OtH!

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