How to improve your skill


How to improve your skill

This post was created by RUSterrorist, about 4 years ago and was hidden within the EVIL forum, so we thought we share the knowledge.


Enjoy reading  🙂

Movement weakness

If your Movement sux hard, you should try to play some racemaps. I know its quite boring to
run the same way a few thousand times, but it trains you to control the timing of rocketjumps,
or to set rockets to get speed and that stuff. But play shortruns and try to beat your own time to improve your movement!

Aim weakness

There are 2 kinds of Aimskill. 1. is the direct aim like Shotgun/laser, for that you should play some Instagib (surprise). Because as you know, its with laser only, so you train to aim at the tee´s directly and improve your aim!
2. is the Grenade aim, becuase it isnt flying straight forward, you have to predict how the grenade flies, for that there is a Mod called “gctf”. As far as i know there are at least 2 Servers with that mod.

For the attacker and a bit defender

The most attacker know how annoying it is if they have to fight against the whole oppenent team at once in the oppenent base/prebase, to train this disadvantage a bit, you should play a bit ZOMB-Mod. Because as you know the oppenents acts like Zombies in that situation: Hook+Pistol Spam.^^ So you could train how to react against Zombies in that situation, and because the defenders have to atk sometimes, too, its a nice train for both sides.


That’s it. Short and simple. Now start practicing 😉


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