How to create a clan – basic guide


How to create a clan – basic guide

Seen a clan or a guild you wanted to join in a game, but they won’t let you in? It may have looked cool, but ever wanted to make your own? If you follow these steps you can create a clan for yourself and rock the game from bottom to top. It´s simpler than you think.

  1. Become a leader – it´s not that simple to be a leader. You have to face many decisions. Just like in real life, some are easy, some are tough. But the most important thing ist that you have to be fair towards ALL members and never let the community/clan suffer because of one member. As an example, let´s take a box with apples which you want to sell. If you want to sell that box, separate that bad apple (or apples, you never know), from the good ones, and the other will like your product. One more thing before we go towards the next step. Being a leader takes time and ambition. If you lack one of those or both, find a person who would be the leader for your idea. You can always pull the strings in the back.
  2. Find a purpose for your clan – every clan needs something to hold on to. A reason for existence. For instance, you want to become the nr 1 clan in Teeworlds, which is a hard job for a rookie or newbie to a game, but it is achievable with time. The best thing is to take a simple reason and time will bring the rest with it. The main focus should always be on FUN. When stuff get´s more serious, you can always take another path. You can even expand to different mods of the game or even other games, but always keep the CORE alive. If the roots are weak, the tree will fall sooner than you think. Expansion is always a very difficult step, be careful!!!
  3.  Name your clan – a clan name is very important. It represents what you stand for, determines the clan slogan, the policy and so on. Pick a name which will be remembered easily, which indicates your strengths, goals etc. This step is more important than you think, so think twice. Because if you rename the clan after some while or continuously, you will be surely taken for an unserious leader or clan.
  4. Set some clan rules – ignore this step if you want anarchy within your clan. Set some simple rules, for example: no cheats, no multiclaning (being in more than 1 clan at the same time), behavior standards etc. Write the rules down, so you can easily organize them. Later, when your clans gets a page or forum, you can write em there, so that every one can read them.
  5. Get some recruits – every clan needs members. A 1 man clan never stood a chance nor has a purpose of existence. If you´ve played Teeworlds on public servers, you have surely met people, made them your friends and you like to play with those together. That´s very a good start for a recruitment.  Ask them to join you. Maybe you can convince your real life friends to join your venture. It´s always good to know the person better before you invite them, so that you know with whom you are dealing with. Be careful when taking players who have ex clans. Those players have a history, study it. Maybe they got banned from their previous clans for misbehavior, cheating, and so on. You don´t want trouble from the beginning, right? Another, very important info for you: never, read again, NEVER recruit members who are already in an active clan. This would lead to many different problems. First of all, the clan you took their member from will be very mad at you and make your life a horror story. Also, be sure that this person you recruited is not an loyal fellow, which means that there is a chance that he will leave you for another clan. Those people are usually called clan hoppers. Avoid ´em.
  6. Have fun

I hope that you will find this very basic guide useful. This is just a basic guide, or your first steps into the world of clans. I´ll write few more guides and posts which will surely be helpful on your journey to create and lead a clan. It takes time to make a successful clan, so don´t give up right at the beginning. The first steps are always the hardest, but if you stand strong towards anything that comes up, you will be able to view back from this moment on and see how far you came. It will fill your heart with joy to see your work flourished.

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