How to create a clan – after the basics


How to create a clan – after the basics

Hello readers,

I hope that you were enjoying the basic guide of how to create a clan. Now that we have a purpose, a name and some members for a clan, it´s time to get on a more serious level. I don´t want to waste your time, so i´ll get right to the point.

  1. HQ – for those who did not know, those two letters stand for Head Quarters, which generally means “Base” or a place to gather and where the command is. In our case, it is a basic thing where the members will meet, communicate, exchange experience etc. In other words, we are talking about a Forum. A forum is essential, crucial, very important, much good, such wow (too much 9gag…). The forum will be your base, where you can discuss and solve problems, make suggestions for changes within the clan, recruit members (make new people register and write applications there), discuss strategies, future plans, help to keep track of members and so much more. The potential and importance of a forum for a clan are infinite. If you don´t want to spend a dime for web space, don´t worry, there are many good free forum hosting companies. For example:,, Each host has it´s own preferences, so take a look at them before you choose the fitting for you. I´ll make later a list of free hosting companies i can find.
  2. Set a limit – since we are a clan who wants to be taken serious, let´s set some limits or restrictions. To keep some sort of maturity within the clan, avoid taking members who are below a certain age. Also, limit the number of members for your clan because mass clans are usually being avoided by other players.
  3. Communication – Besides the forum, there should be an additional type of communication existent, where you can gather while you are on-line and also if you are willing to play, or be reachable for your mates if there is something going on, a clan-war or similar. Anyway, good communication utilities are usually
    1. classic social network where you have your little private group, reachable only by invitation
    2. skype, icq, irc or any other chat software where you can be reachable while browsing the www
    3. teamspeak/mumble is a classic communication tool for clans and a must have, but i will come to that in the next steps
    4. forum chat is not the best solution, but it is a solution
  4. Website – not as important as a forum, but it is also a crucial thing your clan needs if you want to attract attention, players or sponsors. Websites give you almost an endless opportunity to present your clan in the best light. A good looking and fast responding website is good to have, but is the looking of a person really more important than the personality? Of course not. The personality is a metaphor for the content of your site.  Content is ten times more important than the design of your site. What you need is content that gives both information and appeal to people. No one cares to sit and read over last years scores in some ladder that no one has ever heard about. People think that adding a lot of pages with stats is going to make them look better. This is not true. It is good to have records of your scores, but what really draws people to your site is your opinions and your voice. Content is key. Show off with your victories in clanwars, present your rules, members, events if you have any and so on. There are also many free website hosting companies which you can browse. To make it easier for you, I´ll make a list of the best ones you can choose from.
  5. Get a TOP LEVEL domain – Top level domain, or TLD, is usually a domain without any additional content, just the normal ending like .com .org .net or similar, without, for examle Domains are cheap if you know where to look, but if you don´t want to spend any money on that, there are always those for free. Not the best solution, but it´s a TLD. A list will be added in another post with some free TLDs and how to get them.
  6. Graphics – This step is more or less important, but i still want to mention it. As a clan leader, if you don´t have any GFX (slang for graphics) skills, then you should find someone with descent skills who will create some stuff for you. First take a look within your circle of members, maybe there is someone who could manage the graphics for your clan. With graphics, i mean a clan logo, link us banner, news banner, member banners, member skins (if you want something really personalized), web-site contents etc. It´s always good  to have more than just 1 guy, so that they can split the work. If you can´t find anyone within your members, then try the teeworlds community, there will be always a helping hand waiting for you. Also, we will have our own graphics team in the near future, so that we can help you out.
  7. Server – Now that we have almost everything, we need a server or some, depends. There are various types of servers, but in this part, i´d like to focus on game and voice servers. To own a server used to show that a clan is to be taken more serious than others. The server is important so that you can have your peace while organizing meetings, training, tournaments, events, ruling out problems and so on. It´s always good to have your own, private clan server, and there are some ways to get your own. One way is to get sponsored, which leads to our next step.
  8. Sponsoring – Your ticket to free stuff. Sponsoring is not only about taking, but also giving something back, like ad´s on your page, banner in footer or a spot somewhere on the site, etc. Each sponsor has it´s own requirements which need to be fulfilled. The more you want, the more you have to give back. Sponsoring generally means that you get something without having to pay for it. The sponsor is usually content with some clicks on their banner/ad, having their name within your sponsored server etc. They also need to advertise themselves somehow. While your reputation and power grow, visitors will also view your sponsors name or banner along your side. Your clan and your sponsor are, let´s say parasites (sounds ugly, but it´s the best metaphor) on a creature called success. Review our Sponsoring pages to find the one you were looking for.
  9. Events – You are surely strong enough now to make your own events. Those events can vary from simple training or inter game to well organized tournaments or ladders. Events are another great way to get members involved. What better way to get a members interest in the clan than to schedule an event with clan members. How about scrims? You can also schedule inter-clan events. Get members to sign up at your website, keep it organized. Schedule events that involve members from your clan and an ally’s clan. This will not only get members active it will get them to make friends with the other clan. This will make the relationship between your clans improve. We will try to organize a Ladder, like it used to be on ESL, hopefully with more success now that clans get even more support.
  10. Equality – Some people may like the idea of being “better” than someone in a clan (i.e. having a higher rank). This is a good thing to be able to show in a clan, but does it really work? If you make it, yes it will. Ranks can be divided into two groups, if you will. The first group consists of giving a person a rank to make them feel special. The second consists of issuing ranks to keep order. I bet most people have no idea why they use ranks. A lot of people figure, “Well… we need some way of separating classes, right?” Wrong. Ranks should be used as a way of equalizing the workload. Each person should have a specific job. A rank doesn’t just come with having experience in the clan. It should come with showing experience in the clan. For instance, someone who’s high ranked in the platoon should organize scrims, manage the website, etc. Now what you rank them up for is totally up to you. Remember to treat your members fair!
  11. Final step – Congratulations, you have successfully created a clan with everything a can desires and what a clan needs. In general, there is only one thing left to conquer – the throne! Sounds nice, but you can fall easier than you have created the clan. Stay on your track, keep order within your clan, be fair  towards everyone, show respect to be respected and avoid those freaking pitfalls. As mentioned before in one of my posts, if your clan falls and crumbles, it is because you failed to lead them!


Never forget that this is just about a game, so don´t take stuff more serious than you should. As said before, you need time and nerves to lead a clan, but it is easier than you think, especially when you have support. TW-Clanzone will offer you the support you need to achieve your dream and your goal, to be a successful clan leader.

Thanks for reading, and again feel free to comment.


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