How to become a leader


How to become a leader

This is a post about, as the name mentions, how to become a good clan leader.

Many people think that they have to be very good at a game to become a leader. That is very wrong thinking. Skill within a game is not important as relations to your fellow players/members and knowledge. It is a big responsibility, because, if you are a bad leader, you might loose your members and fail as a leader faster than the eye can see.
Don´t be bossy! It´s ok to give your members jobs to take care of (taking care of memberlist, news or other tasks), but be friendly, nice, kind, fair and part of the progress. The decisions you make affect the whole clan, so be careful. To shorten the text and to sum up what i am up to say, take a look at this picture

















Sums it pretty much up, right?

Remember that the clan is not about the game, it is about the people within. You will be treated as you treat them. As mentioned in the “Basic guide”, it is all about the fun.

Here are some basics how to act as a Leader:

  1. Set an example – if you are a jerk or an egocentric monster, than the leader position is not what you deserve. Don´t waste your time reading any further… Be nice, friendly, kind, communicative, fair and friendly towards your members, threat them with respect and they will respect you. Be active in every way possible, take part in everything your clan is active in.
  2. Be the one with a plan – every clan needs a reason for existence, a purpose. But behind the scenes, there must be a vision, a strategy and a plan how to achieve what you want. Always have an ace in your arm sleeve and time will bring the results.
  3. Stick to the plan and rules – your clan will need some “rules”. It is very important to have some clan rules and to have them written down, so everyone can read them. That way, they will all know what to expect from the clan and what will be expected from them. Even you are a leader, you do NOT stand above them. If you want your members to follow and respect the rules, to the same!
  4. Be active as possible – an inactive leader leads to an inactive clan and to non satisfied members. Be reachable in every possible way, so that you can respond quickly to everything that comes up.
  5. Be the eyes and the ears – know what is going on, what is happening within your little community and be up to date. It is your responsibility to smell if something is going the wrong way
  6. Be supportive – as a Clan leader you really need to support your clan or gaming team. Make sure you listen to all your members and make them feel valid. Remember, your members are likely to have a lot more experience in some games than you so take on board suggestions and tactics. Make sure that all members get a chance to lead your team from time to time. It gives them a feel for running a clan and will help them have an overall understanding of how your clan functions. Enlist the clan in operations, respond to invites, respond to messages from your clan members. If you run a website, keep it up to date in a timely fashion.
  7. Show attitude – be firm but fair. Learn to say no! Sometimes it´s better to decline something or someone, kick a member or similar. This point does not allow you to be a dictator within your clan, but sometimes you have to step up if you know that it is not right what´s going on. To be fair, state reasons for your decision, also let your people vote about those decisions, it will give them the feeling that they are really a part of the clan. There are always members who disagree and you will have to compromise in some cases. Remember that there are always 2 sides of a coin, so f a problem shows up, lsiten to both sides before stating your decision.
  8. Keep the interest alive – don´t let monotony take over. Keep your members entertained.  Panem et circenses – Bread and games – an old metaphor which was used by the Roman empire. If you give that to your people, they will be satisfied. In our case it means action in form of clanwars, intern games, tournaments, leagues, forum games and so on.
  9. Set up a team – teamwork, brainstorming and consulting. That is crucial for the existence of a clan and it will surely make decisions easier. Pick one or two (even one or two more if you have more members) guys from your clan whom you´ll give a co-leader status OR keep it in private. But make sure that you know those people well and what they can do, how they behave and think. Good consultants cane make your leader life easy. This step is for large clans.
  10. Share authority and jobs – in order for your clan to have the “neat things” (like servers, events, great members), EVERYone in and around your clan must GIVE something TO the clan and the clan must SURVIVE. If everyone continually gives a little to the clan, and they do not take or demand too much attention back from the clan, and if the clan is stable and continues to grow and to exist, with time, the clan (AKA the “empty box”) will slowly fill and you will build a great clan.”

Running a “successful” clan is a LOT of work, so get/ ask/ beg/ convince/ recruit, until you find several friendy and helpful people to also share the power of being “in charge” of your clan while sharing the work of running a successful clan. Share in the authority and work. We call these guys “COUNCIL Members” in our club, they set policies and assign and distribute work and authority.

Get some help, because building a successful clan is a LOT of work. Divide up the authority and work. Decide who will be in charge of which parts of the clan “chores”: web site, message board moderator, recruitment, finding servers/ rconing events, try outs, running practices, etc.

There is no such things as a clan with one person in it. Search out and find good people that are mature and understand the amount of work that is required to build a clan. Go get some help, share the work, responsibility, and power. Always reward and delegate authority to the loyal hard workers in your clan.

If your clan fails it is because of you. You are ultimately responsible for your clan and poor leadership will do it every time. All of the common pitfalls that can lead to clan splits or inactivity can all be avoided by taking action when you see a situation occurring. Be a firm leader, but fair. Reward members equally and get the better players to provide tips to the less experienced members. Make sure that your clan understand that in a match they are to listen to you or your Co-leader at all times.

Good luck on your journey and remember to always have fun, what ever you are up to.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment.


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