Here is something that might interest all future vanilla (for God´s sake – vanilla = original gametype) clan and project leaders in Teeworlds

The importance of an own clan page explains itself. Every leader who wants to show that their clan means serious business should get one. There are a many free site and forum hosts on the web (you can find those in our useful section), but most of them usually have an disadvantage – adds, pop-ups and similar, which are in most cases very annoying and scare visitors away. To help all vanilla clans in Teeworlds, has decided to offer their support in another way by giving free webspace for your own page/forum – add and pop-up free!

What we can offer you:

  • 1 GB space and 1 GB Bandwidth
  • 2 MySQL databases (1 for page and 1 for a forum – if needed)
  • Full FTP access to the root directory of your page/forum
  • Fully automated back-ups
  • Any CMS of your choice can be installed (which will be done by the user, not by us) – Webspell, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB etc
  • Custom mail with 500 MB space (outlook, thunderbird or similar required) – example:
  • Completely FREE of charge!!!

The new page/forum would be a subdomain of > Using your own domain to cover that is not a problem at all 😉

Please click HERE to view an example page.

For more details and info about our offer and how to get it, please visit Sponsoring > Hosting and Domain

We really hope that You like our offer and that we will hear from You soon.

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