Game Settings


Game Settings

It is important to understand the aim is only one aspect among the one hundred others in Teeworlds.

Even if I explain you how to parameter correctly your mouse for Teeworlds, I could not replace the game science 😉 Understand how you have to act ingame or your ability to be adaptative in every game is only up to you.
Also the perception of what Teeworlds is, in your mind will lock you the fact to grow. Everyday it is important to ask yourself about what you have to improve. Like that you will be able to advance some level and maybe you will challenge the best players one day, who knows 😉

Aim is the first thing you have to work on. Firstly, being a slayer in vanilla is the basic 😀
Secondly, there is no point to learn how to move if you are only a dummy tee. You will only avoid to fight and it will not help your team in CTF.
Here you go, I’ll explain you my way of set up the teeworld’s client. This is the technical stuff xD

1. General things
The first thing to know is these commands :

  • inp_mousesens
    Just press f1 ingame to write this above into the console

So it will give you a number, this number is your teeworlds mouse sensitivity. You have to know through the OS (Operating System) you’re using it will affect your global sensitivity (Teeworlds sens + OS sens = Global sentivity ingame).
Personally I use win7 OS. So I recommand you to disable the windows acceleration before to play Teeworlds (Control Panel > mouse > option tab > and unbox pointer sensitivity)

  • cl_mouse_max_distance
    This is simply the max distance of your cursor ingame. Around your tee it creates a kind of circle & max_distance is the radius of this circle.

The second thing is about your mouse DPI, the higher it is, the faster your pointer will move. If you have a gamer mouse, usually you can switch your DPI. So try to take a high DPI but with a good precision in windows.


2. Teeworlds Settings
Now it is setted it up correctly in windows, start Teeworlds join an empty random server and chill. Chill because I see many players everyday who play with a shitty configuration, and that’s sad. So just take your time to find the good settings.
Generally you have to put a faster aim. This is the step I used to configure my settings well :

  • Take a paper and write your current settings ( the number of inp_mousesens and the number of cl_mouse_max_distance)
  • Then the first thing to do is to parameter the max distance of your cursor near to the end of your hook (personnaly i found 375 is perfect for my screen resolution).
  • Now this is the important thing, it will affect all your teeworlds career so take time chill and, don’t worry, you will not find it in one day 😉 Find the perfect number for inp_mousesens !
  • So just try to take put a higher number step by step. My initial sens was 130, and I worked 50 by 50 until I found 600 which was perfect to me.
  • inp_mousesens is the key to have a good aim in Teeworlds. Try to set something fast but with a really good precision. That’s your work to find the perfect number, but keep in your mind this number IS DIFFERENT between each guy in Teeworlds you know. So don’t try to copy the number of someone, simply because it will not work.


3. Bullshit
Hey bro’ ! I know a good player who have 60 sens and he is super good !
Like I said before, yourt teeworlds sens doesn’t show your entire settings… Maybe with inp_mousesens 60 this guy has a fast aim. So YES everyone has to find his magic number and to find his way to configure his sentivity. I just gave the tips I use after many years of playing Teeworlds 😉
The things you have to remember is to take a fast aim, but with a really good precision. Cause the close fighting in teeworlds is really fast and you need a good precision to hook everytime the enemy and to kill him fastly without failing your shoots 😀


So I’d like to conclude with the fact everyone has different DPI, different screen size, different mousepad. So you can’t really compare your settings with mine for example. But I’ll try to give you my settings to give you an idea.
Basically I have :

  • 3500 dpi ingame
  • inp_mousesens 600
  • windows acc disabled
  • cl_max_distance 375
  • And a screen of 1920×1080 resolution
  • High precision mousepad (logitech G440)
  • IMO this is a really good mousepad, but you can check the steelseries ones
  • R.A.T.3 mouse from Mad Catz (with teflon gliders)


Don’t worry if you do not have a gamer mouse this isn’t a real problem 😉 I know many good players with basic hardwares. Just try to take basic mouse with 800 dpi (logitech B110 for example) and a proper mousepad.

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