Discord Revolution!


Discord Revolution!

Hello dear Vanilla players 🙂
Let me introduce you to Discord!

It all began by looking for an alternative to skype, basically to get a new app for messages and it ended up by replacing skype and ts3 all in a hit. So we have found out this great app, which is also free and easy to use and very lightweight in terms of resources for your mobile yet useful for in game conversations. Now we have the chance to reunite all the vanilla players in a single platform to communicate and organize events.

Let’s get straight to potato.
You can obtain your own invitation to Vanilla Discord server just by clicking HERE or on the widget’s button above. Then you will be asked to choose a nickname (use your ingame nick, please) and, after this little step, you’ll be fully introduced into discord!
Although it is quite easy to use and manage, I’ve noticed there are still some minor set ups that new users have to do.

Claim your account In order to prevent fakes, register your account by clicking Claim account button in the orange banner, then use your email and password to get the magic happen.

Enable desktop notifications Next to your name, click on the wheel – Notifications – Enable Desktop notifications.

Server notifications Click on the 3 parallel lines next to the name of the server – Notification settings – All messages.
Be careful with this feature: you will receive ALL messages (and spam) on this server. You may want to enable them for news’ channel only.

Leave a voice channel Upon your name and avatar, click on the icon with a phone with a x .

For these and many other fantastic tips, visit Discord’s Help Center and let’s start having fun!

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  • Alucard
    Jan 8, 2016 @ 9:02 am

    way to go 🙂


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