[Video] CTF3 Gameplay – defence


[Video] CTF3 Gameplay – defence

When it comes to clanwars/funwars, CTF3 is surely the most played map in Teeworlds CTF, because it is really easy to organize the rest of the clan. All you need is 2 allies and 3 opponents and let the rumble begin. In this wiki post, we want to show some basics regarding the defending position on CTF3 with a video, showing how it’s done correctly when applied.

We’ve got a short ctf3 gameplay video, which is showing BeaR (aka cin, cinaera, and many more nicknames) who is playing the defending position in ctf3. This vid has been placed in the wiki area because it is not just a small motivation to try a different map, but also to check out some moves and behaviors out of the grandmasters skill set.

You have to know where to stand, where to shoot and how to prevent the flag being stolen out of your base. Before you watch the vid, please read the following:

  • In contrast to the mid player and the attacker, the defender does not have to rush to the mid to get his weapons and armor, all the weapons in the base belong to him.
  • The defender is the only really defensive player on the team, that’s why he has to be extra concentrated all the time.
  • The defender should have a good look over the game and make right decisions.
  • Listen to approaching hooks and explosion
  • Good hooking is important for a defender to protect the exits of the base.

Enjoy watching 🙂

Start practicing 😉

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