Ctf2 Tutorial as a def view


Ctf2 Tutorial as a def view


So this is simple, with this tutorial I’ll try to give you my point of view of ctf2. The first thing to know is this map isn’t easy to play at all, as you already noticed ingame and in particulary during captain games.
I’m convinced by the fact it is important to understand how defence works. Because even if you’re an attacker you will be able to help the defence at good moments. Understand how a good defence works is getting all the spirit of the game, and it is like that you will be able to do team movement.
Many guys think they’re not good in aiming because they fail an important hook during the game. Which make finally the enemy flagger cap. The first thing to know is you’re wrong. Everyone can fail, and you’re allowed to fail that’s normal (except for botters you know). If everyone is at a good spot to wait the enemy flagger, we would have 3 guys who will have to fail. So it will decrease the enemy “luck” to cap.
The first tip I would give you is when you help a deffer, just spam don’t go too close because the attacker would escape easily. So just spam and then just see how the action is turning out. If you don’t have any weapon that’s not a problem spam with your gun and then use your hammer for close fighting.
The thing we are going to see here is more about to think as a team and not only as your personnal skill, did you ever ask you ingame : What could I bring to the team ? How could I carry the team (and not only blame your mate) ?
I hope you will ask you questions after reading this tutorial because teeworlds is a philosophy and understand how games work is really important to have a team spirit. So enjoy 😉

  1. As a deffer you would be able to split the map in 4 areas. The first one is called base, the second one prebase, the third middle and the fourth enemy base.
    As a base deffer if you are able to manage more than 2 opponents that’s great. Just follow the stars to see where to sit. You have to manage your weapons (15 sec to respawn) and you can let a grenade for anybody who respawn in your base.
    After if you have a proper aim skill you can go away of your base. But you’ll have to think like following : The enemy is here so I sit here. The enemy broke the def here so I put me back everytime closer to the flag. It is important to think step by step. That’s why i splited the map in 4 areas. For example the enemy is in 3 so I sit in 3. As deffers we died so I go in 2. I respawned 1 but enemy is in 2 so I sit in 1 close to 2. I see nobody so I move in 2. I see nobody so I move in 3. Don’t forget at the same time to control weapons.
  2. As we saw before, it’s better to think with areas. I put different size of stars to show the important spots. A big star is where you have to sit as a priority.
    The prebase def isn’t really hard, the weapons are easy to manage there. The thing you have to know is you can’t kill and block all the attackers. So focus you more on the best of them and don’t let him pass. Just block one and damage the other is enough. Don’t let them take your prebase weapons also.
    If the enemy took the flag (because it will happen for sure except if you’re god of teeworlds). you will have to stay at the upper stars because it will be easier for you to hook the enemy (because of the wider angle). You can also spam “HELP” in teamchat with a bind.
    If the base deffer is good don’t be surprised if he comes with you in prebase. Then he will be allowed to sit at the big star and you at the down star (or vice versa).
    Don’t hesitate to go together in mid to help your attackers but don’t let pass anyone ! Be sure you have the proper skill level before to do that.
  3. Most of times if you go mid it’s because your deffers failed and the enemy took the flag. If you’re an attacker you can stay there close to the prebase and spam some grenades or be prepared to hook with a pro reaction the enemy flagger. If you’re a prebase or base deffer just stay there, try to find weapons and spam “HELP mid” in teamchat with a bind. If the deffer is in mid while the enemy flagger is in prebase or base I hope the attacker will have the idea to go help in prebase fastly because the team would fail if you’re hanging and waste your time in the enemy base. And for sure you will loose the flag and die like a shit.
    As a deffer going in the middle is hard and you have to be sure your opponents aren’t in area 2 and 1 before to go 3. You can use dyn bind if you’re not sure to check fastly. Control the mid is the “key” of a victory. (Damage opponents there)
  4. As a deffer this area is only for pro. I don’t know if you checked captain games but you will only see the best players go in this area as a deffer (I highly recommend you to spec best players in captain games it learns you a lot about what to do in every situation. And sometimes you’ll see they take bad decisions).
    So you’re a deffer nobody of the opponent is in 1, 2 and 3 and your team has the flag. So all the the enemy team is hunting your flagger. Why would you not go in their prebase help your flagger ? by spamming and hooking enemies away while one of the 2 deffer stay in mid and take care to not let pass anyone.
    Also a deffer can go attack sometimes (if enemy attack is weak).


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