Clan introduction – .OtH’


Clan introduction – .OtH’

Welcome to another clan introduction. Which is surely quite a change from the bunch of roster changes posts. Sadly, there are not many projects running at the moment, but we are trying to find them all and to inform You about it.

We want to introduce “Off the Hook”, or in short, .OtH’.

OtH is a sister clan made by EVIL with the goal to help the vanilla scene. This project was started for the first time at the end of 2011 and was a real success back in the day, because it brought some new faces into the clan scene of vanilla gaming. Many new faces came and left in the period of 1 1/2 years, which is more than the average lifespan of a teeworlds clan. The project had its ups and downs like every clan but in the end, the project got closed around May 2013. Well, this is the long story in short.

Now, since the scene is again in desperation for fresh blood, the OtH project is being revived, again under the supervision of EVIL, lead by rick and the support of some ex members who want to contribute to the big picture.

.OtH’ is an international vanilla clan, that focuses on integrating newcomers to the ctf-scene (vanilla). Everyone who is willing and eager to learn more than just the basic gameplay and who wants to start playing for real, then OtH is the right choice.

Please visit the clans portfolio for more information and the page link by clicking > here

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