This topic will help you to understand what´s the Project all about. If You have additional questions about it, ask me over the contact page 😉
Here we go

Q: What is the “Clanzone”
A: The Clanzone is a project startet by the EVIL clan which should help to maintain and ensure the sustainability of clans in Teeworlds. It will help players to find clans, clans to find members, the project will generally support the clans with almost everything a clan needs to know and to have.

Q: What is it all about?
The Idea is pretty simple. To make the text shorter, here a small list what the project is all about:
– motivate new ppl to create new clans
– teach the newbies how to manage a clan, the players and teach the players how to play on maps, how to fight! (tactic area – not sharing our own in detail)
– assure newbies that they are going to be supported
– get clans in touch with sponsors so that they can get own servers and stuff (if they fulfill the requirements for sponsoring)
– people who want to join a clan can get easy access over that page to all information about other clans and can choose from it the best fitting.
– help to make organizational stuff easier (events, tournaments etc)
– give the ability to clan leaders to be in touch with the main admins or at least the news mods so that we can get always the freshest and exclusive news on the front page
– showing results of clan/fun wars in a separate section
– clan and public server listing (serious and well played servers only)
There are even more things that this project could accomplish but the ideas for it will come with time

Q: What is it that makes this project so special?
A: Since it is temporary the only international (Europe atm) community focusing only on clans, it is by itself something special. This is a place where clans and players meet, where sponsors can be found, where all the help can be put on a table where the costumers can choose for free. Here is a list what the project will also contain:
– library/list with all active clans including basic information – here an example on our page. also including clan statistics – skill lvl, member count and similar.
– presenting news about events, created and passed away clans, member leaves and joinings.
– F.A.Q. – what else
– member market (clanless players can report themselves there, making a global application to any clan at the same time – raises the chance to be accepted by a clan)
– support for newbies (tactical area, maybe with some youtube clips in it besides text and pictures)
– sponsoring for clans (any1 willing can participate with servers, web space, designing skills etc)
– tournament/event organization section and staff (news, upcoming events, ladder tables, results etc)
– english only (since we want to make it an international community, including the american continent with time 😉 )
– discussion forum for organizing wars, events, member search and moaaarrr

Q: What is this project going to support?
A: This project has a goal as mentioned before. It will support all vanilla clans who are asking for help and who want to be part of this. With time, the project will grow and maybe the Insta scene will also be supported, depending on if it is really necessary to do that step

Q: What is the project made of?
A: The Project has a backbone and a nerve system, in other words, this page where all the magic happens, and a bunch of wizards who cast spells (a team).

The team consists of many many many members who make all the magic happen with ease since 1 person can´t run all the stuff. The team is set up by a hierarchy running from the top organizers (must be me 😛 ) to the simple henchmen doing the most simple tasks. The team is split into sectors in which they commence their work. Each sector has a team leader who is in charge for what ever happens in that sector. He has a bunch of people which he is leading to make the job done. The team leader can assemble his team by himself. But there is only a limited number of free slots in each sector.

Q: How can people support this project?
A: There are 3 ways of supporting our project:
1. Sponsors – sponsoring anything and everything. The project itself temporary doesn´t need a sponsor, but we need sponsors for the clans. any1 willing to participate as a partner/sponsor of the project is very welcome – contact over PM please
2. Application for the team – applications will be done here until the whole page is done and working properly.
3. Participating as a non team member – Non team members such as clans and freelance players can help by supporting the news team with information about happenings, telling people about the project, sharing vid´s and pictures, using the forum of the project and all similar activity is mostly welcome

Q: How can people apply to work within the project and how will they be set on what position?
A: Use the contact form on this page and write something about ou, your skill and experience.

Q: I am already a member of an another supporting community, is that a problem?
A: Of course not, but be aware that a lack of activity could cost your position, doesn´t matter which position you get.[/color]

Q: What are the benefits for me?
A: Depending on your position in the project, these are the benefits:
1. Team member – it is simple, since you are part of the organization, your name will be spread and known within the community and the members. also, the feeling that you helped some1 is also priceless.
2. Clan – as mentioned before, clans get all they need to become stronger and more stable: sponsoring, designs (logo, banner, even pages), members, presentations, hints/tips/tricks, strategies, easier organization of real clanwars (which will be reported on the page, with results etc), events and so on
3. Freelancer – (player without a clan) the freelancer has the ability to choose and to apply for any clan they are interested in. thanks to the clan library, the player can find the best fitting clan for him. Also they can participate in various events.

Q: What do the clans have to do?
A: Every clan who wants to get registered and to be mentioned officially within the project, they have to fulfill some requirements (has nothing to do with the requirements for sponsoring). for example: leader (or an assigned person for representing the can) has to be in touch with the news team so that all happenings within the clan can be recorded (applications, joins, leaves, rule changes etc) and published in the news section

Q: I want to help the project by sponsoring it/i am leading a gaming community/similar – what shall i do?
A: Contact page is waiting for you 😉

Thanks for showing your interest in this project <3