About Us

About us

Find out who we are and how we can help you and your clan

Short description

The Clanzone is a project to help out clans who play Teeworlds. The main focus has been set on vanilla (Vanilla is the main term for non modded gameplay, or the original version of the game) clans from Europe.

We are here to provide the clans and players with information about the clans taking part, with news about happenings within the clans, also to make it easier for new clans to grow by giving support through the sponsors which can be found here. Clans will be able to get clan server, teamspeak server, webspace, domains, support and what ever a clan needs. Also, in the near future, we will also assemble a team which will provide the clans with graphics (clan logo, banner etc).

Players without a clan will be able to find here a database containing all clans in Teeworlds who play vanilla. Having all clans listed on the palm of their hands will help to find the suitable clan for them, or they can create a new clan, register them here and advertise to get new members. Everything is possible, just name it.

At this points, we would like to underline that this project is FREE OF CHARGE! Which means that everything provided by us is completely free. TW-CLANZONE.COM does NOT get any money for it´s service. It´s a charity project by players for players who enjoy gaming as much as possible.

We hope that as this community grows, that the number of clans and players will grow to.

Thank You for your time reading this and enjoy your stay.

Best regards,

Clanzone Team